Sarah Joy Logotype Project

I had the honor of working with Sarah Joy, a talented cellist. In her journey her goal has always been more about the message than the genre, including people through more relevant styles, and then offer them helpful musical information from her own background (through Youtube tutorials). Aside from the teaching aspect, she enjoy giving music. It’s a wonderful way to connect and communicate with other people.

Here is the logotype artwork I created to represent Sarah Joy and her brand.
Screenshot 2016-08-11 08.38.06
2016-07-25-10.19.36Screenshot 2016-08-11 08.49.15pic_poster

“I was very glad that Darold shared his process. It was fun to see how it changed through each step, and there was an obvious amount of time, excellence, and hard work put into each layer. Wonderfully! It came out looking intricate, and yet simple, which is exactly what my music is about. It was feminine and sweet, but still professional. I cannot wait to share it on my social media platforms!”

Sarah J. – Cellist / Singer / Songwriter 
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