Develop a clear branding strategy that will help elevate your visual and brand identity to your target audience.


Are you trying to build a loyal following, instead of having customers here and there? Do you want your audience to have a clear idea of who you are? Or are you very experienced and would like to build a brand around your skills. I can teaching you how to start the correct way when it comes to building a strong brand and create a higher level of visual identity with your audience.

I will break down your Value, Verbal & Visual Identity.

Do you want to learn how to consistently share across every platform? I will give you an effective insight on how to get your audience to care more, which will increase their interest and ultimately increase your revenue. Teaching you how to serve. There are people just right for what you have to offer but they can’t find you. I will teach you how to market to them correctly.

You’re smart. You’re capable. You’ve been hustling. That’s definitely not the issue. Despite your best efforts, you know things could and should be better.

What you need is someone to discuss your ideas with someone who can clear the fog, provide strategic advice, and help you take decisive action. That’s the plan, to help you grow a strong and successful business/brand and create an outline or concise statement. This will help you decide how each piece of marketing material will communicated.

Some of the topics I will cover:

  • Establish Your Unique Selling Point
  • Building Value
  • How to Brand Yourself on Social Media
  • Building Business Assets


My name is Darold J. Pinnock and I have been professionally developing ideas, brand identities and events since 2006. In efforts to completely niche down my focus and expertise, I have established my sweet spot. Which is visual identity design (my strongest design skill) and music (my greatest passion outside of design). I’ll go in-depth and break down what“building a strong brand. And help you develop your unique selling point. I plan to teach everything I know about developing a brand and going in-depth with you. Giving you real life examples and practical ways on how to have a clear branding strategy.

You should order if…

  • You’re convinced you have the right ingredients, but not sure how to market yourself
  • You’ve got an idea and need professional insight before you fully commit to it
  • You are frustrated with a lack of clarity for your business or brand
  • Your customers has stalled and you’re not sure how to jump-start it
  • You have any other business problem that has you stumped

“How can I get them to care?” Getting people to care is key to being a successful brand. I want nothing more than to make every newsletter relevant and beneficial to you. Also receive your FREE PDF Guide on Your Ideal Customer.

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