Darold J. Pinnock – It Starts Now! | Passion Behind the Art Episode 128

In this episode, Darold speaks to the listeners and provides a wrap up for 2019 and offers advice for the New Year.
He starts out thanking you, the listener, for continued support. “I want to say thank you for just listening; that’s the most important thing to the podcast, you listening and subscribing and sharing the podcast.”
Darold makes mention of his achievements as he was asked to join an agency, be on the Board Of Directors of a local school and the continued progress of a van that he and his wife and converting into a traveling/living space.
Sukant Ratnakar is a motivational speaker and author who once said, “Beginning of a great day begins the night before.” Darold says a great year starts the year before.  “2018 was just a bunch of planting seeds…2019 has been a year of watching the fruits of my labor come to being.” All the hard work, or seeds as he calls it, has begun to flourish. He urges us to do the same so that we can have similar results. “Just keep working guys, ‘cause something will come about. Just keep planting seeds; your role is to plant seeds.”
In the New Year, may you find the motivation and determination needed to chase after and accomplish your dreams? Remember, it starts now! Happy listening.
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