JACKIE HORBROOK | EP. 113 Jackie The Educator founder of Black Christian Influencers | Passion Behind the Art Episode 113

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Stop what you’re doing, take a seat, grab a pen a paper and get prepared to be blown away by this episode! Darold Pinnock sits down with Jackie Horbook, but you may know her as the Jackie the Educator. The name doesn’t do her justice for she is so much more. Ms. Horbrook is a mother, daughter, sister, minister, missionary, counselor and entrepreneur. She’s a people person with an authentic passion for helping others.
In the 6th grade, Jackie ran for a position within the student council. Although she didn’t win, it planted the seed for her becoming a resource to others. Her educational journey provided her with life skills that would allow her to effectively fulfill her God-given assignment. Taking speech and public speaking in high school, taught her a lot about herself and opened her eyes to the world around her while theater built confidence and exposed her creative side. Business and marketing courses in college allowed granted her insight on how to run as manage a company. Her former job as a Director of Diversity at a university gave her a closer look at the habits and needs of people from various nationalities. In addition to that, her work as an ordained minister allows her to minister to a persons’ spiritual needs. She’s taken all she learned and started her own organization, Black Christian Influencers, which brings provided a network supporter for, as I would say world changers. 
I could go on about the extraordinary Jackie Horbrook, but I want you to hear it for yourself. Trust me, you’ll want to hear this for yourself. Happy listening!
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