Amy Hood from Hoodzpah Design | Passion Behind the Art 110.

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In this episode, you will get to hear from Amy Hood. She is the co-founder of Hoodzpah Design, Odds, and Sods, as well as connecting, businesses that she shares with her twin sister Jennifer. In addition to that, Amy is also the co-author of FREEDOM, AND BUSINE$$ AND STUFF. In the interview, Amy shares how she got her start in the design field, how she took on education, and how she got her start into doing workshops.
Amy gets personal as she discusses her feelings behind fitting into the design industry because of not being trained in a traditional college environment. She shares the advice given to her by her mentor that helped to propel them over the hurdle and back on course to success. Her strategies on confidence building, such as personal projects, and improving one’s communication skills must be heard by anyone looking to advance themselves career-wise. Happy listening!
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