Building Your Online Home!

It’s very important that you build your platform. Your social media account isn’t your platform. Now I have nothing against social media at all. It’s a epic tool and it can literally help you grow your and bring you revenue. I’m for social media, all the people that’s finding a issue with it has no idea of the position it can provide. With that being said it isn’t your platform. My Instagram (@dpcreates) account is one of my most used platform and has helped me a ton but what if Instagram was no more? What if I had put all my resources in it and now it’s all gone? I would basically be out of luck. Ok say it didn’t go away but it change how the platform worked or they changed direction. If that change didn’t benefit me there would be nothing I can do about it. That’s the uncertainty you run into when you don’t build your own platform on someone else’s. You have no control of any changes they make.

Now if you’re posting on these different platforms but pointing back to your home and your site, then you’ll start to build your platform. The place you have most control of. You decide how it looks, how the visitors are treated. You set the tone and atmosphere. So you spent months or maybe even years building your YouTube channel or facebook page, Great. Instead of just giving the link to those platforms, create a link redirect. For example my podcast show Passion Behind the Art is link to, which ensures if my podcast host goes away I still have my link and I would just need to find a new platform or host it myself but more importantly I wouldn’t need to share a new link with my audience. would still be my home for my show. That is the power you will have and no matter where that link leads them, they will still know where to go. Everywhere you have shared your link will still be valid. If I didn’t do this and somehow I had to change platforms for episodes, all those places I have shared my link would no longer be valid.

So start building your online platform today.

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