How can I get them to care?

The first thing you should be thinking about when growing your audience is “how can I get them to care”. Getting people to care is key to being a successful brand. So you should be doing a lot of listening and interacting with people, if it’s online or in person. You can start by sharing what you know already in your industry and then look to get feedback. Of all that you’re sharing look to see what interest them the most. Then focus on that. You don’t get people to care by just sharing what you think they need but by listening to them and then respond with useful content related to their interest. Your audience grows by believing that your product or service is here to help them not just to get their money.

Always look to provide a great amount of value.

We are limited in what we can take in, so you should focus on your best skill or ability in your industry (should be your passion) of choice. Each person we know or follow online we tend to place them in a box, what I mean by that is we place them in a category of who we think they are or what we think they’re good at. This in inevitable, we can’t stop this. We all will be placed in a category of some sort but what we can do is influence the category we’re placed in. So I’m a designer but I mostly share my hand lettering projects and artworks. I actually do a great amount of other design work for clients but the more simplified you are in your approach the more people remember you. So influence the category you want to be placed in by sharing that type of content.

Be consistent!!! I would say share something daily about that area you want to be know for but if that’s too much then try at least every week. Say it publicly how often you plan to share value and stick to it. The more consistent you are the more you’ll grow and you’ll attract the audience that finds what you have to say valuable. So make sure that your content is of great quality. The funny thing is consistency brings out quality because the more you do something the better you’ll become at it.

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