Passion Behind the Art with Hannah and Annie 008

1.When did you fall in love with music?

Hannah: I remember always playing around on the old upright piano at my grandmas house when I was really young, until my parents put it into my room and I started to get piano lessons at the age of 7. So I guess I fell in love with music when I was still very young.

Annie: I must have been about 10. I’d had guitar lessons for a few years and then I got a drum kit for my birthday and totally fell in love with playing. Music has been such a massive part of me since.


2. When someone hears your music what do you want them to feel?

Hannah: I really want them to feel what we feel when we make the music, which is mainly fun, it makes you want to dance and puts a smile on your face.

Annie: I want them to feel happy, literally just happy. Music can have such a huge effect on moods, and you know if our music can make people happy, that’s all we can ask for. It may well bring out a more personal emotion in people, but for general, I want our music to make people feel happy.


3. Who was the person that believed in you the most?

Hannah: My parents have always believed in me. Even when I told them I actually want to do music as my career they’ve always supported and believed in me. I think it’s really important when your parents have your back, you know you can always count on them.

Annie: My parents, going into something like music is always a very risky move, and when you tell people that’s what your plan is, you get some very mixed responses. So I didn’t really ever tell people what I dreamt of doing. But my parents always knew and always believed. In fact, when I was looking at what to study at uni and threw about the idea of doing something like architecture my parents made me believe I had it to do music!


4. What was the greatest struggle you had to overcome?

Hannah: It was realising how hard and tough the music industry is. If you’re a no-one you really are a no-one and you have to learn to live with many disappointments. I really grew on it though.

Annie: Self belief for sure. Sometimes when things don’t go as you want it’s super hard to re-evaluate things and make yourself believe over again that it’s totally worth it and you can make it happen. But you have to pick yourself up. And I believe that’s the real challenge of getting somewhere in an industry of the arts.


5. What advice would you give to other musicians?

Hannah: Work hard. Practice and play as much as you can but also go out to jam nights and gigs and socialize as much as you can with other musicians or people in the industry. And just don’t give up, if music is what you want to do, don’t settle in another job.

Annie: Practice, every day, network, get yourself out there, don’t limit yourself, do as much as you can, learn more than your main instrument. And mostly believe that you can do it!

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