Awoken Logotype Lettering

Before the day really got started I really felt great, it felt like something great was going to happen and it did. I just had one of the best days. It started with me getting a decent amount of rest after a week of 15+ hours per day. Then, I got a chance to spend some quality time my wife and kids. Which is rare! To cap it off I got a chance to hanging with some extremely epic and inspirational people. Which got me thinking how did this happen? It really started with my mindset, how approached everything from the beginning. You would think after having such an awesome day it would cause me to draw the logotype lettering but I actually drew it be the day really got on the way. Not know the outcome or struggles I would face. I just had a plan and i worked towards making it happen.

Hand Letteringawoken hand lettering

Awoken is the feeling of know something great is going to happen. Why you ask, because you have put the work in. More importantly you have changed your mind-set of your outlook on life. Being intentional is the missing ingredients to an effective mindset. You can’t expect a great outcome if nothing is done to achieve that. I know things don’t always go as planned but that’s even more a reason to be intentional in your daily life. It’s not that all your plans will work but it’s that you have plan for the unexpected. It’s taking as much at bats as you possibly can, one will eventually be a home run. Not to mention the tons of experiences you would have under your belt. So in essence you have this feeling mainly because of the working you have put in.

First its knowing what you have control over.

imagePic by Mike Jones (Creator of Creative South) from a talk by Scotty Russell.

What I got from that slide is pretty simple. I only have control of my actions. Even though I wasn’t at the talk if you really think about it, you would also agree with those four points. It goes so well with my mindset of being intentional in everything I do. So think, what am I doing to affect my life on a daily basis? Good and bad. The thing is we have something great inside of us all and the only way we can unlock that is by being intentional and taking action. With each decision we make or don’t make it will bring an outcome. So my question is are we making decisions or the lack thereof to bring a desirable outcome. If not make a change.

Digital Artworkawoken

The goal is to unlock the greatness inside and the only way we can do this is by being intentional. Focusing on our work ethic, how we treat others, how face struggles and our happiness.

Final awoken_image

I just thought I would share this artwork with you and give you an idea of where is came from. I will share the full details about the meetup on my next blog post, titled Go Deeper, Effective Networking.


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