Attract, Don’t Chase Clients!


The benefits of attracting clients 

First and foremost their coming to you because they believe you know what you’re doing, they believe that you are good at what you are doing. If you are going to people asking them for work or projects, in all essence you owe them a favor and they won’t necessarily be hiring because you know what you’re doing which now leads to them not wanting to pay you as you should be paid.

If a client comes to you they have already researched you, appreciate how you work and have determined this person knows what they’re doing. The other benefit of attracting clients is they will look to you for the direction and not try to be the director. One of the worst breakdowns in professional to client relationships is the client being the director of your expertise, remember they came to you and if you allow this to happen that will be a disservice not only to you but to the client because you are the expert and you are the professional in this industry. So as a designer it’s my job to direct the client and offer a solution that’s best for them design wise, that’s not the client’s job. The client provides content and goals for the project. If you’re not attracting clients it’s basically you are now at the clients mercy which will in turn hurt them because you’re not working according to your expertise but working according to what the client thinks should be done and the client is not the professional in that area you are. The next thing is that when you attract the clients you can now enter the project being on the same side of the table as the client and not across from the table if the client.

If you’re asking the client to hire you they will have great skepticism in their mind, wondering why you’re coming to them with this and are you just trying to get their money. This will cause the client to enter the in a different mindset. A mindset of great sense of desperation on your part and why would a client entrust their hard earn money to someone who seems desperate. The client will forever asking themselves why are you bothering me and do I really need to hire you but with the client coming to you they have already know why they’re coming to you which creates better trust of your judgement.

We are so use to competing and operating as if our expertise is a commodity. You are valuable to your clients. Each time they pay you it’s an investment, which means you bring a return in equal value or greater. The idea behind attracting clients is, you are creating so much value to the client that they will start to see you as an authority and will trust your expertise. It makes the process easier and the client will see you as partner in their project and not a sleazy salesman. Asking a client to hire you provides no value to them at all. No client wants to be hounded, it’s simple give first and then receive.


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