Interview With Lettering Artist Stefan Kunz

Stefan is such a blessing in every sense of the word. His inspirational lettering is so heart-felt, mainly because I love Jesus too but make no mistake his skills are legit. Every time I see one of his work in my IG feed if just brings joy. I’m honored to be able to share with Stefan, a true God sent. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Except for my name being Stefan Kunz, a german who was born in Africa but since the age of 5 grew up in Switzerland…
I love everything that is creative and artistic. I have had time to improve my skills in cinematography, photography, graphic design and more recently lettering. Have I also mentioned my loooove for coffee and latte art?
But most of all I love Jesus. He has touched and drastically impacted my life in every way. So in the end it’s all about him.

How you first got involved into lettering?

Graphic Design was always a passion of mine and discovering that I could design my own fonts, fitting it for every single project enabled me to bring to paper almost every idea I had. Well, I am still working on the latter but it’s still helpful. I simply started with pen and paper. Moved on to creating something digital by taking pictures of my drawings and with the help of few apps on my iphone mix them with pictures. Finally bought myself a Wacom Cintiq 13″ which helped me draw in photoshop which suited me well.

What are your influences/Inspirations? How would (someone) describe your lettering style?

That’s a tough question. I believe that many artists have influenced my lettering but i usually learn and take only bits and pieces from there work. In the end is more about developing your own style and identity. And I hope my work is instantly recognisable when you see it.
But people who I looked up to are still am: @nick_fred, @dvclmn, @stephenjameshart, @1924us, @simoneandmoose and soo many more… there are sooo many amazing letterers out there.

What do you do when you aren’t working on your not hand lettering?
A lot actually. I lead a creative team full of talented volunteers and it’s a great privilege work with them. We just finished a big project which will be revealed soon and like I said other projects are in the pipeline, some have nothing to do with lettering.

Is there anything new we can expect from you in the future?

I don’t know if it’s new, I already mentioned it a couple of time on instagram, but I am trying to make a little book with all my sketches from the 4 gospels and make it available as soon as possible. Still need to figure out how…

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