Interview With Lettering Artist Roxy Prima

Roxy is one of the coolest designers to follow. She has so much character and elegance in her style and presentation. She makes lettering very beautiful and I’m blessed to be associated with her in any way shape or form. I love her style and each time I see her art it inspires me to go start drawing too. I hope you enjoy this interview I had with her as she shares little of her world.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

1. My name is Roxy Prima. I am a freelance designer from San Diego, CA. I specialize in hand lettering and illustration. I combine my love of fine art and drawing with my technical design skills to bring brands and products to life. My work consists on a variety of projects from branding and logo design, to murals, to t-shirt design, custom lettering art pieces, signage, and invitations. Anything that allows me to be creative!

How you first got involved into lettering?

2. It took me a while to realize that lettering was my calling. While I was in school, I loved typography, but it wasn’t until a while after college that I started taking my lettering work off the computer screen and into my sketchbook. After being at computer for so long, I longed to get back to my roots of drawing. It started as something I just did for fun and for myself and occasionally I would post a picture on my Instagram. I started getting lots of compliments on and interest in my hand lettering, even though it wasn’t something that I took seriously. But I loved to do it, and other people were interested in seeing more, so I kept at it. And now I make a living with my lettering!

What are your influences/Inspirations?

3. Collaboration is the best way for me to find inspiration. Talking to fellow designers and creatives is such a great way to spark ideas and create new things. Doing so led for me to create a lettering community here in San Diego with my two partners, Phoebe Cornog and Eden Hoke. We wanted to create a monthly meetup club for letterers here in San Diego with the purpose of coming together and finding inspiration. It has exceeded all my expectations and lead to so many amazing friendships and opportunities.

How would (someone) describe your lettering style?

4. My lettering style is always evolving and changing, just like I am. It’s free-flowing and fun. I love to create pieces that have movement and allow the letters to interact. I also love to incorporate illustration for some contrast and layering.

What do you do when you aren’t working on your not hand lettering?

5. When I am not lettering (which is pretty rare these days) I am doing things that spark my creativity. Going to creative events in the community such as art shows and music shows. I also love going out dancing, spending time with my friends, eating popcorn, and traveling as much as I can.

Is there anything new we can expect from you in the future?

6. You can definitely expect new things from me in the future! I am currently working on an online workshop through @goodtype and Modern Thrive called “The Business of Hand Lettering”. It will feature me and two other talented designers and we will be teaching you how to create your own hand lettering business. This will be my first workshop, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while! Right now you can sign up for the class and get $30 off (until March 3) when you use the discount code “friendsofroxy” at checkout (

7. My two tips for hand lettering artists:

  • Keep at it! Lettering is a skill that comes with practice. The more you do it the better you will get. It takes time to find and develop your personal style of lettering. I look back at some of my early lettering work and I am amazed that I stuck with it, because it was not good! But it makes me really proud to see my progress, and makes me excited to see where I will be in the future!
  • Play around! When I first got started I was really focused on making my work perfect and it was holding me back. I wasn’t allowing myself to have free expression and come up with new ideas. When I am practicing or working on personal projects, I give myself the freedom to experiment and play around with lettering. When I don’t restrict or set expectations on myself, I come up with new things that I had never thought of before. So don’t be afraid to draw some ugly letters…they could lead to something beautiful!

The best place to follow her is instagram:



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