Audit Your Audience For Your Business



Think about who your service or product is best for, what are their pain points and how can you solve them? See the end goal or result first, then work backwards from it. Never box customers or clients in how great you are. It’s all about how can you benefit them. What story are you telling that speaks to them? How are you reading their minds? Your audience should feel like you’re thinking about them, like you have been where they are at. So audit your audience.

Leading with your expertise is not the best way. It’s better to lead with who is the ideal candidate for your product or service and the results they will get from using you. A customer who is focused on saving money doesn’t really worry about time or quality first, it’s more about price first then they will go down the checklist. So no matter how great your work is they are more focused on the price and they not really willing to have a deep conversation about how can you help them. The door is for the most part closed until you give a price. They want details on what they are getting for their money. A customer who is focused on saving time is move about the result. What is the end result. They will get deep about their needs and how important it is for this problem to be solved. Caring more so on if you can solve their problem. It’s not about which type of client is better but more so of who do you want to appeal to. 

So ask questions to better understand who is your target audience because once you know who you’re talking to you will have a better understanding of what to say. So if you have 100 people in your audience, seeing your audience as individuals will help you to better understand their problem and provide a great solution. 

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