Life is too short…

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Life Is Too Short Not To Do What You Love For A Living!

Weigh the cost of not starting to build your passion. Your most valuable asset right now is your time and each day you don’t make a strong investment in doing what you love for a living is time lost forever. Unfortunately the day job that you hate is cashing in on your time and reaping all the benefits of your hard work. By not paying you enough, cutting your hours and not to mention all the taxes and social security you have to pay each pay period. Happiness in life is not about wealth but it’s having purpose and fulfillment.

Creating A Process Is Key

You may have already start building your passion into a business and would like to reach a desirable level. To really get a head you have to audit each area of your process. It’s all about being consistent. What am I doing with my time? How can I grow my business each day by 10%? So thinking in the context of your passion, who are you and what are you about?


This is the road to finding self-awareness, which is very important because you will know your strengths and stick to them. If you find it hard to get self-awareness, find 4 to 7 people who know you very well. Sit them down and explain how important it is for them to be 100% honest with you. You need objectivity when searching for self-awareness, if you don’t already know it. Then ask them, what do think I’m good and bad at. Then listen for common things that each person says. The goal of this strategy is to create a filter of your greatest strengths and your greatest weakness.

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