How To Market Your Brand Identity


How To Market Your Brand Identity? After you have defined your brand identity and you’re ready to start marketing and advertising your brand though different mediums, you need to create a outline or concise statement. This will help you determine how each piece of marketing material will be communicated. When creating this outline or statement you should follow these series of questions:



What kind of creative project you plan to use to create results?
– a website, email campaign, video or sales copy etc.


What action do you want people to take after seeing this creative project?
– There should be some form of call to action, something you want your target audience to do after they seeing this creative project.


Who is this creative project for?
– There should be specifics on who this creative project is actually for. From Demographics to Psychographics (Psychographics is the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles).


What is the emotion you want your audience to feel after seeing this creative project?
– Every element around the creative project of choice should implicate this emotion or this feeling you want your audience to feel.


What sets your product or services apart?
 – Provide details on the benefits of why they should choose you.


How does this creative project tie back to the overall picture of your brand identity?
– Every form of communication in your creative project should support the brand. There should be a clear path leading back to the organization’s purpose.


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