Brand Development Guide for Ministries.


Brand Development will help the people in the sound of our voice understand what our ministry is about.

What is Ministry’s Personality Treat? Is This Who We Want To Be? If so we most focus and structure our ministry around these strengths.

  • Prayerful Church
  • Loving Church
  • Always Feeding People

What is your “By”? Create Specifics!!

  • How do we plan to:
  1. Edify Believers
  2. Disciple
  3. Mentor
  4. Equip
  • The goal is to create a filter to see if everything we do lines up with your MISSION.

How can we be more Outreach driven instead of Events Driven?

A events driven church will eventually die because it’s sole focus will on how much funds each event is bringing in. And will lack faith. When a church is outreach driven the focus will be on the people and how can church benefit the community.

Internal Communication (Congregation):

Everything we share or invite our congregation to should be evaluated and filtered by these questions.

  1. What are we calling them to?
  2. How will their lives be different?
  3. How does this play into the BIG IDEA of the ministry?
  4. What change should they expect to see in their lives?

External Communication( Community/anyone who is not apart):

When trying to reach our community your mindset should be:

  • No one knows who we are
  • No one cares who we are
  • No one cares about our message or passion

Who is Your Target Audience?

  • Some Examples: Urban community, international congregation, Ages 25 – 35 singles or with a family.
  • Find what matters to them, not what matters to you the church.
  • What’s the strength of your community?

Re-purposing Sermons. Don’t limit our messages to just Sunday mornings. Create a system where you’re sharing daily.

  • Platforms:
  1. Write a Blog Post about the notes from the sermon.
  2. Post open ended questions, discuss sermon on Social Media.
  3. Share your thoughts in a Newsletter and get your audience engaging with you.
  4. Make Videos hitting on keys points from the sermon.
  5. Do the same on a Podcast.

You can use these platforms to share the content from sermons. And focus would be more on reaching people and not people coming to my church. The funny thing is it doesn’t matter what type of brand, non-profit or business for profit, the more you focus on the people the more successful you’ll be.

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