The 10 Core Values I Built My Logo Design Business Around


I have always found myself thinking a certain way and most of it is because of how I was raised. My mom taught me the importance of people and how I should treat others. How important it is to be upfront, clear and building people’s trust. She would constantly take people in and help them get on their feet. She also use that as an opportunity to pure into them. Sharing her experiences. As a child I would go to work with her from time to time. And she would always say good morning to everyone she passes looking them directly in the eye, that was kind of interesting to me. Why you might ask. If you know anything about New York City, we’re so focused on the hustle that a lot of times we don’t really do the whole eye contact thing on the street. Some people would look so surprised and some would be so use to her they would be expecting it. Here are some of the core values I took from my mom’s character.

10 Core Values I learned from my mom, which I now use in my business.

  1. Listen to your heart – Don’t follow too much what others are doing or saying. There is a reason why you have this idea.
  2. Respect people and treat them right. The more people you help the more successful you’ll become.
  3. Be Patient – Don’t believe the hype about overnight success. Don’t give up, it’s a process.
  4. Know your strengths – Find what you’re good at and master it.
  5. Believe in what you’re doing and be passionate about it.
  6. Know your purpose and know what your business is here for.
  7. Have courage – Take risks. Don’t be afraid to be different. Sometimes you have to do the total opposite from everyone else.
  8. Always have a plan B. If one method doesn’t work try another. Don’t think about your failures as actual failures but think of them as the path to success.
  9. Keep it simple. Make it easy for customers to understand your purpose and what you’re offering.
  10. Hustle = Work hard and smart.
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