Your Brand Identity Is Very Important

Understanding your Brand Identity is very important. This is key to starting out the right way. knowing who you are and what you’re about as company and brand is essential to your success. First and foremost NEVER start a business just for the money because every business can make money but that should never be a reason to start a business. Making money is a result not a reason.

The Two Reasons To Start A Business:

  1. It’s your passion

  2. It solves a problem


The reason why a business should be your passion or something you like doing is because running a business is very hard and it requires a lot work, commitment, consistency and dedication. And the fact that you’re into it will push you through the ruff and struggling times. Secondly it should solve a problem because that ensures that there is a need for your service or product. So once you’ve ironed all that out now it’s time to build your brand identity.

Your Mission Statement. What will your company stand for? What is your core values? Why are you doing this? This is important because it will keep you on track. You may change strategies, concepts or even look but your mission statement should stay the same because it’s the drive. A good mission statement should focus on helping others.

The Personality of your company will dictate the look and feel of you company and brand. So if you’re a fun and high energy brand, you will communicate that to your audience in every way possible. Through logo design, color schemes, attitude, the type of people you employ etc. Every form of material you share should represent the personality of your company.

Find your Target Audience. Knowing who that is for your business is key. And don’t say everyone!!! Pick a group or niche and focus on them. Learn as much as possible about their interest and how you what you have to offer can help them.

Here some visual examples of Brand Identity


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