The Love Of Logo Design

I have been designing professional since 2006, from architectural design to animated illustrations and everything in between. And logo design and brand identity creation is my favorite. The idea of creating a companies identity is a privilege to me. The thought of bringing someone’s idea to life is monumental to me. So I’m constantly studying, practicing and being prepared to use my expertise to just that.

My Tip For The Day:

Remember your Brand Identity is how you communicate to the world who you are and what your values are as a company.

You Communicate By:

  • Your Mission. Why your company exist.
  • Your essence as a company. (Example: Disney is “magical”)
  • Personality – lighthearted, fun, serious or all-business
  • How you answer the phones
  • Content of your emails
  • How you sell and why you sell
  • Your color schemes and the consistency of them
  • Your Transparency


I will break down Brand Identity even more in my next blog post.



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