Developing Impactful Logo Design.


Developing Impactful Logo Design. Your logo is your face, your ID and it represents your brand. So desire to get it right the first time.

Here are some tips that will help you to do just that:

– Go about it the right way from the beginning. Stay away from template logos or ready made logos. Don’t think about saving time or money first. See your logo as a investment. Think long term.

– The development process can be a tedious, with all the questions from the designer etc. but stay the course.

– Your logo doesn’t have to say what you do or what you’re selling.

– Your logo is for your target audience. Yes, there should be some appeal to you but that’s secondary to how your customers feel about it.

– Keep it simple! That will make it easy to remember.

– Your Footprint(Aspect Ratios) should be square, horizontal or vertical.

– If your logo is held together or defined by it’s colors it’s a poor one. The color arrangement shouldn’t make the logo. It should work in one color too.

– Keep your colors to two maybe three. And make sure represents the feel of your brand.

Some Examples:


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