Why Should I Invest in A Logo Artist?


Why should I invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a logo and a brand identity? So many people ask that question and not realizing the importance of a investment. First and foremost if you look at logo artist as a expense your missing what they’re service will provide for you. Brand development and logo creation is the two main factors that can make or break your company or non-profit organization. The goal of they’re creation should bring you a return. Appeal, Attention, attraction and ultimately revenue for profit or to build your cause.

“An investment brings a return return of some sort.”

A great logo artist will take the time to ask tons of question, that they can understand your idea, vision and your target audience. Then they will spend time creating a package that your target audience will find appealing or love. So if your designer isn’t asking you questions, that’s not the person for you.

Bad Example:

The Client: I need a logo designer, can you send me a quote?

Logo Artist: Sure! It will cost $550.00. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Client: Ok, thanks!

What? No, no, no! How can you give a quote for a project you know nothing about. They have the wrong drive. There should always be a series of “whys” before you even get to price. It’s about the client’s idea reaching its full visual potential.

Good Example:

The Client: I need a logo designer, can you send me a quote?

Logo Artist: Why me? Why now? What is your Target Audience? What would you consider a “WIN” at the end of this project? etc…

After this takes place, then a PRICE is given.

Logo Artist: Sends a proposal. (I usually send 3 prices, all priced on value)

So it wasn’t so much about the actual numbers (because you may end up spending more) but it’s about the execution. A logo artist must understand fully what he or she is getting in to like wise the client.

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