What do you want me to feel or think?


When people think about this company/brand what do you want them to feel? What are you selling?

When building a brand you should always think about how you want your customers to feel. Coca Cola creates a happy and fun feeling and it is often associated with fun and memorable events. Coke is the go to choice at most events. Like wise Apple invites a prestigious atmosphere. This is what the elite creative people use. They want the customers to believe that Apple owners have a higher way of thinking. You should always think about that when you are building your brand or product. How do you want your customers to feel or think about what you have to offer, then build on it!! You can’t control exactly how to process will go but you can influence it.

How do I Market My Product or Service?

People have to care about what you’re doing. So give them a reason to care. Share useful content. Give them insights on your process, how to use the product. Set a stage! If you provide a service, teach them how to doing certain things you provide services for. You maybe thinking “if I teach them that will stop them from using my services” but it’s actually the opposite. They will associate you with that service because you’re always talking about it and sharing your knowledge about it. So when they really need it they will either hire you or come to you for help. People need to see something at least 7 times to remember or retain it.



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