A Logo Artist Breaks Down What Branding Is.

So often we see a logo and equate it to the brand or call how we put our company colors together as branding. Which is not quiet correct. So lets break it down.

What is a Logo?

The Logo (short for Logotype) is the symbol, monogram or emblem of the brand or company. It’s the designed language for the trademark. And the trademark isn’t the brand. It’s the symbol for it.

What is Branding?

The brand is a person’s inner feeling about a product, service or company. And it’s your (company) job to influence it.

So what you say about your company is Marketing. And the constant repeating of it is Advertising. When some else tells another person that’s word of mouth or referrals. Most importantly, when a customer or client repeats it back you that is branding.

So to summarize branding it what the customer says about the company. Not what the company says they are.


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