My Logo Design Process.

When designing a logo always think to reverse engineer. Meaning, think about the purpose and the organization’s personality. Physically write and sketch out what that is and develop your design from there.

The ideal idea of the design is in the meaning, personality of the organization and how it speaks to your audience. The logo will be used in multiple areas, materials and sizes. So it must be easy to remember.

My logo design process always starts with me brainstorming. Asking questions about the company and organization. Sketching out placement, flow and style. Over and over. Penciling out variations. During brainstorming my focus is function of your logo, target market, color scheme, unique and creating memorability. During the initial conversation with customer I’m finding out if there is any brand requirements for the logo. Otherwise it’s my job to use my expertise to provide a logo that will be appealing to the client target audience.

Once I have the design fully sketched out and I decide on the design that is best for the direction of the client’s brand, I refine the artwork and ink it. Then I prepare to digitize it in Photoshop.

I usually scan the artwork into my computer but you can also take a picture of it. Then I start creating in Photoshop. I usually create the feel in Photoshop. If it’s clean and sharp. Or distressed and organic. Also this where I start to implement colors etc.

The process can be very tedious but I’m driven by the process to create a great artwork. Once I see the final product it’s worth it every time.



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