As a Logo Designer Commitment is better than motivation.


Why is commitment better than motivation? Motivation represents energy and as we all know energy comes and goes. One day you feel to take on the world and another day you can’t stop hitting the snooze button. Motivation is most of the time driven by feelings and not “WILL”. If you notice in all me post I mention either practicing or consistency, that’s because if you practice and stay consistent it will build your will power. And in turn you’ll become more committed.

Commitment is all about will, not feeling, not hype and not energy. A client will more appreciate a committed logo designer than a motivated one. Commitment breaths professionalism. It tells them that I’m confident. Clients come to me for my expertise and direction. They desire for me to create something that will stand out in their industry but most of all last. So my level of commitment tells the client that I will pull out all the stops to make this project a “WIN” for them.

So the only way to stay committed is to be consistent and practice daily.


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