A Graphic Artist Who Has Stopped Chasing Customers & Clients!


It’s time to have your customers falling for you instead of having them running from you. Too often we as business people we constantly go to our customers asking them to buy, buy, buy. Having our system of cold calls, direct mailing and it’s one thing to have it once every three months but every week, every day. That’s not how you want to go about doing business. The best way is to have your customers come to you and not you chasing them. Don’t worry I’ve that mistake too.

This really became clear to me when I started my alphabet sketch and character sketch. It was the consistent daily posting on instagram, which attracted people to me page, inquiries to my services and landed clients. Not me posting daily, hire me, hire me, hire me. I wasn’t even thinking in that light when I was working on them. I was just fueling my creative juices.

Think about it, when they come you’ll be able to better serve them and tells you that they think your professional enough to solve the problem and they think you’re valuable and instantly the relationship starts out with value. So the next time you want to find customers. Think about how can I give to my customers? How can I become useful to my customers? Now I don’t recommend making it a practice to give away free services or products. I know there are times when it’s necessary and that’s okay, maybe some nonprofit or pro-bono but don’t practice to do that often. More so educate them, give them useful content. I heard this quote from Mike Kim he said “let’s try to become your customers Google.” A place where they come to find out information. The more they come to you the more they will see what you have to offer and see you as an authority in your field. So think about what you can I give to my customers, how can I become my customers Google. It’s pretty simple, the more you give the more you will receive. Think to surprise and delight!!!

Always lead with giving, then ask!

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