The Journey of Consistency As A Logo Artist.


The number one way I’ve grown my design and illustrating services is consistency. I consistently practice and learn my craft. I spend more time doing that than actually looking for clients. The idea behind my thinking is all about attracting client instead of chasing them (a topic I’ll share this week). I’m always trying to think like a customer or a client. And my conclusion is when you need something you’ll look for it. So I try not to hound people to hire me but share my abilities and be consistent about it everyday and once they need a graphic artist they’ll know where to find me.

How Do I Share My Abilities?

I’m always sharing artworks or designs I like to work on through social media or my website. Mainly lettering design or character illustrations. I only try to share what I would like to work on. Try not to share projects that you don’t like to work on. Remember you don’t have to share everything. It’s better to be know for being awesome at one or two things, than to be known for being good at many things. So simplify and focus on what you like to do the most. Then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.


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