Use Your Day Job To Spring Board Your Passion!

“work a crappy job, pay your bills and die, that’s life right!?” -SeanWes

I would like to think not, if that’s all life is about then we are all totally out of luck. We’re all basically admitting that we’re going to be bitter and miserable for the rest of our lives but can I entertain you to another opportunity, another way of thinking. Sean was basically saying there is more to life than just that but it requires for us to take action and be intentional each time we do.

What if you could use your day job to help build your passion (a passion that’s legal and morally beneficial of course 🙂 ), that’s if your day job isn’t your passion already. I’m not saying that everyone should be a business owner, not by any means. I’m saying that everyone should be making a conscious effort to pursue their passion, if it’s in entrepreneurship or at a day job. So if your day job isn’t your passion, start thinking how can I use it to help me get to my passion. First and foremost stop complain about how crappy your day job is. Make a list of the top 3 things you have a real drive for and pick one. You should be spending your free time researching this passion and then look to master it. Use it as your escape after a long day at work. You should set short term goals while you have this security. If it’s simply setting some saving benchmarks which you will use to invest in this passion, attend workshops, read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts but most of all actually doing whatever you have a passion for. That will tell you if you even enjoy doing it or just like the idea of doing. Take a step daily, the key to success is consistent commitment.

It all sounds so cliche “follow your passion” but so often we hear of people giving up money for contentment, peace or happiness for doing what they love. And end up getting an even greater return. People would be willing to take a unpaid internship just to get into their passion instead of working just any old job because money can’t buy that inner peace of waking up everyday doing what you love. Especially if it helps others. I know we all have responsibilities, like a family to take care of (like me) and I’m not saying to neglect them for a dream but more so use them as motivation and be intentional in everything you do in your life. And make daily steps.


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