Before I Take On A Print Design Project!


The first series of questions I ask myself before I take on a project is, what kind of company is this? Why did they choose me? What is the feel of the brand? How does this client want the world to see them? So this means before any designing starts I’m have a conversation with the client. Getting to know more about the problem they would like me to solve. What they would consider a “WIN” at the end of the project. I’m not even talking about pricing yet. At this stage all I’m trying to figure out “how can I create value for this client”. Doing my best to understand their idea and how this project will reach its full visual potential.

The most important thing to you at this stage of the project is how can I help my client. You want to build a trust between you and your client. To make them understand that this is an investment not an expense. Having them thinking about the great potential of their idea or if they need to rethink their approach. The more you help your clients by giving them your honest opinion and advice the smoother a project will go. And having this type of conversation will even let you know if this partnership is good fit or not.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 10.04.05

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