What Are You Good At?


When pursuing a career always think about what you like to do first. The things that you do as a hobby or just for fun, trust me there’s a career in them all. For example I’m a designer/artist, as a child I have always found myself drawing. My love for drawing led me through a journey in the design world. From building design, to graphic design, hand lettering, illustrating etc.

That’s why I say think about the things you like to do because in every career there are times it becomes extremely difficult. It requires perseverance and you have to push yourself. That is when the love for this occupation comes into play. The love will push you over the tough times and destroy the thought of quitting. Yes you will get tired, yes you will get weary at times but the love for it will be your motivation it will energize you. So always think about something you love to do and I guarantee there’s a career in it.

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