Darold’s Keys To Drawing #2: Pull And Push!


In my previous post I talked about line-work and how important understanding that is when drawing. Today I’m gonna talk about some basic tips that will help you have better control and just creating straighter and smoother lines. The PULL and PUSH technique, this is drawing 101.

PULL Circles

When drawing arcs or circles you always pull the line-work towards your body. Preferably you want to draw using your elbow or shoulder only use you wrist for small arcs or small circles. If you use you wrist it’s fine for arcs and circles, the goal it to get a natural feel.

PUSH Straight Lines

For Straight Lines you want to push you arm away from your body. Don’t move your wrist, just your arm. The reason you don’t want to use your wrist is because your wrist naturally has circular motion, so you want to use your elbow or your shoulder when you’re trying to draw a straight line the right way.

2015-07-22 07.24.57

More importantly PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots. So in tomorrow’s Darold’s Drawing Keys #3, I will share about the 5 main processes in drawing.

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